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This is Me: A Rediscovery

t started with a paint night organized by a young friend of mine who is an artist and poet. My excitement had been building for a few days and I had started packing my tools early. Acrylic, watercolor, oil and chalk pastels, paint brushes, pencils, easel, and canvases. I was ready. The day was finally here, and I was bubbling with excitement. ...

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Toting Garbage

Driving home from work one evening, I do what I always do; I turn inwards to my thoughts and debrief the day. Rolling along in my SUV in the twilight, I notice there is not much traffic and I feel almost relaxed. It had been a good day. Though exhausted, I feel a thrill go through my body. But there is a tightness across my shoulders as I reel back the scenes of the day... ...

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Detailed Conversations

THE EXCHANGE: A TÊTE-À-TÊTE Conversations in our 21st century have become ‘not enough’ as we text and communicate with emojis and memes. The idea of conversing carries more meaning than hieroglyphics can say. After all, our civilization has evolved from this form of communication to a more sophisticated one with full sentences that contain nouns and verbs and other parts of speech that add meaning to what we say. ...

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Conducted by author Vjange Hazle (The Master’s Daughter, The Master’s Wife, & How Beverley Johnson Lost Her Religion) FOR TEENS 14-17: An intensive two-week fiction writing program in which students explore and discover themselves as writers. Students will understand the basics of writing, explore genre, outline and craft stories, learn the editing process, and prepare a manuscript for publication. At the end of the program, students will produce an anthology and have the option of publishing their work. A Book Release/Signing party will allow students to showcase their skills to family and friends. Cost: $150.00 per week for 2-week session; Total: $300.00 per person per 2-week session (includes workbook). Sign up for one (1) 2-week session only May bring a Laptop or tablet Session 1 June 1-14, 2019 ---- Session 2 June 22-July 6*, 2019 ---- Session 3 July 13-July 26, 2019 ---- Session 4 August 3-August 16, 2019 ---- Saturday-Friday 11:30am-3:30pm *no class July 4th 2019 No Sunday sessions ----


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