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This is Me: A Rediscovery

t started with a paint night organized by a young friend of mine who is an artist and poet. My excitement had been building for a few days and I had started packing my tools early. Acrylic, watercolor, oil and chalk pastels, paint brushes, pencils, easel, and canvases. I was ready. The day was finally here, and I was bubbling with excitement. ...

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Toting Garbage

Driving home from work one evening, I do what I always do; I turn inwards to my thoughts and debrief the day. Rolling along in my SUV in the twilight, I notice there is not much traffic and I feel almost relaxed. It had been a good day. Though exhausted, I feel a thrill go through my body. But there is a tightness across my shoulders as I reel back the scenes of the day... ...

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Author Book Talk and Discussion

In 21st century America, issues of race are still prominent in what many describe as a post-racial society. As an educator and a former athlete, Rick Collins has constantly found himself at the center of racially based questions and discussions both in and out of the classroom as he encountered student athletes from various racial and socioeconomic backgrounds. These questions and discussions stirred his desire to have more open dialogue on these issues and they became the focus of his second novel. His second focus on issues of identity begs the question, “What do we really know about each other?” Amid the noise of accusations of racial disparities and discrimination is the truth that there are lessons to be learned from our daily human encounters. Rick Collins will discuss his new novel The Providence of Basketball which tackles issues of race and a system that perpetuates privileges of race and class. 4pm-6pm Refreshments served


Author Book Talk and Discussion

Race and Social Change: A Quest, A Study, A Call to Action, Dr. Max Klau is an author, coach, speaker, scholar, and leadership development consultant living in Boston. He currently serves as the Chief Program Officer at the New Politics Leadership Academy, a non-profit that is dedicated to recruiting and developing military veterans and alumni of national service programs to seek political office. Before stepping into this role, he was the Vice President of Leadership Development at City Year, Inc., the national service program headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Max received his doctorate of education (Ed.D.) from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 2005; his studies focused on civic leadership education. Max is also a certified Integral Associate Coach, trained in the integral coaching model developed by Integral Coaching Canada 4pm-6pm


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Meet Yvette C. Owens, author of Conquering Corporate Enemies and Business Consultant at Destiny Speak, LLC, a leadership and organization development company. Join us for an afternoon of discussion and networking. Limited seating so reserve your spot. (860) 206-9965 or (860) 830-8006 http://destinyspeak.com/ 4pm-6pm Refreshments served


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